A few days in Everglades

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Before this experience, every USA National Park that I visited made me feel like the spectator of a majestic stage, where every scene was well rehearsed, to guarantee a spectacular and immediate success. With the Everglades NP, the feeling was exactly the opposite. Nothing majestic, nothing spectacular, nothing immediate. Only after a while, when the rhythm became slower and I paid more attention, I began to see the scenery in a different way.

The horizontal and boundless panorama, which initially confuses and disorients you, turns into an intriguing mosaic of shapes and colours. The gaze focuses on the landscape and the infinite set becomes a composition of many small life scenes. Flowers and insects arise remaining as suspended. Sailing along the canals, the alligator’s habitat appears slowly, as a sort of immobile and timeless space. Everywhere there are birds who carefully observe what is going on around them.

The Everglades are able to hide and protect their beauties very well, to discover them you have to be very patient, but it is really worth it!

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Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italiano (Italian)

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