Conero Logbook 2022

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A year with low biodiversity and a low number of nudibranchs as well, probably as far as my camera can remember, the worst year for them. It must be said that in August and September my wetsuit remained dry. However, there is never a shortage of subjects to be photographed in the waters of Conero and despite the great passion for portraits, in May, even the fish-eye lens had the opportunity to catch beautiful moments. Conero reef, please hold on!


No nudibranchs! Water in average seasonal temperature and good visibility. At first, there were few sightings, then the situation improved, especially for small crustaceans and blennies.

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A few sightings of nudibranchs (small Felimida luteorosea). The water temperature rose above the seasonal average. Hermit crabs and sponge crabs were the main subjects of portraits.

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Unusual drop in water temperature in the first part of the month (lower than 20°C in July that is quite strange in this area). At last, Cratena peregrina appeared (…it was about time!). Due to the poor visibility, the ravines and cracks were the main places to look for photographic subjects. I took Felimida luteorosea by surprise while she was laying eggs.

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October and November

Dives resumed. Very law visibility and poor marine life, same as the beginning of the season. Once again, the main actors were Cratena peregrina and Sponge crab, the “Queen and King of Trave”, Felimida luteorosea the “Court Lady”.

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I’ve the feeling that the sea life has been decreasing more and more in recent times. I sincerely hope that 2023 will prove me wrong. Bye bye Conero Sea, hope to see you soon!

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italiano (Italian)

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