Conero Logbook 2021

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Second year with mask even out of the water….
The season begins in June. For the second consecutive year, Felimare picta shows itself in all its “grandeur”, in many dive sites and also with different liveries. Felimida krohni is constantly present in the northern and southern part of the Conero coast. Average visibility is not exceptional and water temperature is lower than usual until late July. From June to August the animal sightings increase quite slowly and with some “off-season” encounters.


Usually it’s one of the most lively months, but not this year and probably it’s also due to the water temperature. Crustaceous are the animals more present on the reef.

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There is life everywhere and nudibranchs play the lead role again.

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According to tradition, “Il Trave” is finally covered with sea slugs, Cratena peregrina is everywhere and often together with many Dondice banyulensis.

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September and October

From the end of August, the environment begins to be murkier and marine life on the reef disappears quickly. However, the Conero sea always finds a way to surprise you and when you least expect it, Conero shows you the most peculiar subjects, or it gives you the possibility to take a picture of the “usual subjects” in different ways.

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It seems unbelievable, but among all these mussels and this mud, it’s always possible to have fun!

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italiano (Italian)

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